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About GO-Bag Tactical and Cataylst Services LLC

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Trent likes to pass on his map reading skills to anyone who asks.

Catalyst Services L.L.C is a government contracting company that operates out of Charlotte North Carolina. We are proud to offer you a line of Premium Go Bag products that fit as well on the soccer field as they would on the battlefield.

"We had something we thought your family could use to stay safe."

Our company provides life support to clients world wide, specializing in hostile environments. In the course of our duties we often provided clients with various Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). One such item was our Go Bag, which features a myriad of items that a client would need in order to sustain ones self in a situation where the were separated from there group or forced from there housing for any number of reasons. (Civil Unrest, Natural Disaster, Hostile Threat, etc.) Over the years we have worked tirelessly to prefect our Go Bags, Taking into account the clients needs in addition to things like weight and content functionality.The response to these Go Bags has been overwhelmingly positive. So much so that many of our clients have asked us to put Go Bags together for there families so that they would feel like there loved ones were well prepared should anything happen while they were away. Through word of mouth Catalyst Go Bags moved off the backs of our clients abroad and into the hands of everyday people here at home.

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Our products are designed to be straight forward, low maintenance, and easy to use. Helping to meet the everyday safety and preparedness needs of ordinary people just like you.
To all of you, from all of us at GO-Bag Tactical - Thank you!

Trent Holzinger
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