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Q-Is the pack waterproof

 A- No the 1050D Nylon pack is highly water resistant as are the 420D 118T coated inside the pocket flaps. However the pack is not waterproof as outlined by the military spec submersion test.

Q- Can I purchase the bag in other colors?

 A- Currently no. However as we our line will grow to include other color options.

Q- I already have a Multi tool, Hydration Bladder, Flashlight. Can I order a Gobag without that Item?

A- yes we are happy to work with all our customers to develop Gobags to suit there particular needs. Please contact a sales associate in order to receive a quote

Q-What happens if I use up a consumable product in my pack.

A- You are welcome to restock all of the perishable/consumable items in our Gobags right here on our website.

Q- well what if I just don’t use a product and it just expires?

A- Gobag tactical is not responsible for replacing any product that expires after it’s stated expiration date.

Q- I purchased a Gobag two years ago and I haven’t had any huge disaster in my life that required me to use it. Is it really worth it?

A- we feel it’s better to have a Gobag and not need one than to need a Gobag and not have one. In the long run they provide the user with an affordable insurance policy against an ever-changing world.

Q- which first aid is right for me?

A- the tier one first aid kit is capable of covering your behind in most minor injury situations. (Bumps, Bruises, Scraps, and Stings) The second tier is an advance battle field trauma kit capable of treating major trauma (GSW, Airway obstructions, and hemorrhagic control issues) **Do not attempt to administer first aid attention to any individual unless properly trained and certified in that specific trauma field**

Q- can I add an extra Hydration system/ Emergency Ration/ First aid kit to my pack?

A- yes we will gladly increase the number of supplies in the kit to the suit the customers needs. Please select the applicable field on the Gobag page and add the desired quantity to the box below.

Q- I am not comfortable giving out my personal information over the Internet. Is there a way to order anonymously?

A- We will do everything in our power to protect your god given right to privacy. Please contact our sales department to discuss alternative means of payment and shipping.