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            You may be asking yourself why you would use Go Bag Tactical instead of putting your kit together one piece at a time on your own. So lets take a minute to explore what Go Bag Tactical brings to the table.

Experience and Knowledge

            With decades of experience in austere and hostile environments, our work has given us thousands of opportunities to battle test our gear. With so many products and opinions available today it can be difficult, and not to mention time consuming, to sort through the good, the bad, and the ugly. So we have done the legwork for you. We offer you the same high quality kits that we supply our contractors who operate in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. When their lives are on the line, these are the Survival kits they want on their backs- period.

- Innovation

            Our kits include many innovative supplies and ideas like ground breaking water treatment systems By HTI Water, High Tech polymers used by Source Hydration, and single handed operating innovations in the Gerber products we have selected. We aspire to use equipment that is on the cutting edge of industry design and engineering.

Our own company has also worked to develop a standard classification system for our kits so we can ensure that all our gear fills the promises it makes to the user.


Scout Class

Alpha Class

Ranger Class

Titan Class


>10 lbs

>20 lbs

>40 lbs

> 100 lbs

Pack Volume Minimums

10 liter

30 liter

40 liter

60 liter

Service capacity

1 person

1-2 people

1-2 people

2-4 people

Hour rating

12-24 hrs

24- 72 hrs

48 - 96 hrs

168+ hrs

Water carrying capacity minimums

32 ozs

2 liters

5 gals

10 gals

The above table provides a great “at a glance” guide of the minimum capabilities of each of our kits. It is this commitment to innovation that sets Go Bag Tactical ahead of the competition.

- Quality

            Along with our years of experience have come hundreds of pieces of broken, rusted, busted, worn out, and run down gear. We know what works and we have gone the distance to bring you name brand products that you trust. Many kits are cheaper. If we wanted to offer you the cheapest kit possible we would offer you a no name bag filled with no name junk. So if your interested in the cheapest kit, then you’re probably at the wrong site.

            We set out to bring you the best kit with the best gear available. We only use battle-tested name brands that stand the test of time. Gerber, Fenix, 5.11 Tactical, these are name brands that you trust and leaders in their industries. So if you want the best kit with the best equipment then you have come to the right place.

- Value

            Value is defined as “the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” We have worked hard to provide you with the highest value product available. Again, because our kit places weight on quality and value, it isn’t the cheapest available on the market, It is our belief that there is no kit that offers you this much value for your hard earned dollar. By Bundling with Go Bag Tactical you can literally save hundreds in shipping and handling fees while still getting the high end equipment your kit needs at competitive pricing.